EV Bakes: Mini Vegan Cake Doughnuts

mini vegan cake doughnuts
Dessert is tough when you’re vegan. Sure, there have been some amazing developments in vegan baking over the past couple of years (Babycakes and The Post Punk Kitchen have been two of my mainstays/godsends), but that doesn’t change that I still yearn for regular, delicious, full-fat pie every once in a while. And don’t even get me started on doughnuts.

Since my pseudo-veganism is the byproduct of a fat intolerance, I have to be extra careful when I eat anything that I don’t make myself. Which means that über-delicious delicacies like doughnuts and cookies have been off the menu for the past couple of years. The few times that I’ve caved and consumed a doughnut, my stomach has paid the price. Sad times.

mini vegan cake doughnutsA couple of weeks ago, my friend Katherine posted a recipe for Mini Vegan Cake Doughnuts, and my doughnut conundrum came to an end. Katherine is a vegan baking superstar, and her recipe (which she whipped up off the top of her head, by the way) seemed too good to be true – four ingredients, minimal effort, and a bevy of delicious mini doughnuts in just under 25 minutes. Seriously, what could be better than that?

The only thing that I didn’t have in my baking arsenal was a mini doughnut pan, which I quickly rectified with help from Amazon. And, as it turns out, these doughnuts are absolutely delicious. Seriously. I fooled my boyfriend into thinking they were the regular thing (“Wait, how can you eat these?”). I’ve since made these little guys several times (by popular demand from my roommate), and I just couldn’t pass up sharing such a great recipe. Secrets this good shouldn’t be kept. Full recipe after the jump!

mini vegan cake doughnuts

One Word on Clear The Way – Ending

endHi guys! I just wanted to pop by to let you know that I’m over on Clear the Way today talking about the word “ending.” It was a really, really fun prompt, and I had a lot of fun sifting through my thoughts to create this post!

By the way, Kate (the lady behind Clear the Way) is awesome and you should definitely be reading her stuff if you aren’t already. Thanks, lady, for inviting me over to post today! See you all on Wednesday :)

Drink Up, Buttercup – Plum Shrub Bourbon Cocktail

Plum Shrub Bourbon CocktailIt feels like a year and a day since I last made a Drink Up, Buttercup post. Ever the imbiber (in a healthy way!), I’ve surprised myself recently by sticking to the absolute classics: my old standby, the Whisky Sour, has been a prominent order recently, as has the occasional Old Fashioned and Gin Fizz. It’s been a surprisingly refreshing change from my usual fare of eclectic cocktails, but now that I’ve settled down somewhat, I think it’s time to shake this up a bit. And what better beverage to start with than a Plum Shrub Bourbon Cocktail?

The shrub cocktail is an interesting beast. It’s a bit more balanced as a beverage, and while it’s easy to make, it doesn’t make use of more traditional ingredients, like citrus or simple syrup. The result is a complex drink that can please just about any palette. The only slightly annoying part is that you have to make the shrub first, which is a bit time-consuming. But trust me, the result pays off dividends. And, if you’re a big fan of bourbon (like me!), you’ll be surprised how many different dimensions a plum shrub adds to a plain glass of bourbon. And, perhaps most importantly, a plum shrub bourbon cocktail is pretty much the perfect drink for fall. So drink up, buttercups.

Plum Shrub Bourbon CocktailPLUM SHRUB BOURBON COCKTAIL (originally from HONESTLYyum)


  1. 2 oz bourbon (sweet)
  2. 3/4 oz plum shrub (directions here)
  3. 1/4 oz dry Amontillado sherry
  4. 1 large/oversized cube of ice
  5. slice of plum for garnish


Add ingredients to a mixing glass. Fill mixing glass with ice. Stir for 30 seconds like a champ. Insert the ice-cube into an old fashioned glass. Strain the cocktail and enjoy your classy beverage.


For another perfect autumn beverage, check out my recipe for a fig whisky sour! Recipe and photos originally from HonestlyYum — all rights reserved. Definitely check them out if you’re a fan of cocktail recipes!