Moodboard Monday: Cabin Fever

Cabin FeverI hate to break it to you, but Winter is Coming™. Even over here in (occasionally) sunny San Francisco, the warm extended summer that stuck with us through October has given way to that inevitably wonderful season we know world-wide as sweater weather. It’s a different kind of cold than I’m used to. The cold in Massachusetts is a biting cold that turns your nose red and gnaws at your extremities. Here in San Francisco, the temperature is unquestionably higher, but the cold is damp and clingy. It sticks to your ribs, this cold. And I’m not complaining. I’m perfectly content to sit here at my table in my footie pajamas with my mug of tea while the fog passes over, thankyouverymuch. 

I love, love, love this time of year. I love the fact that everyone comes together over food and family just as the days get oppressively dark and chilly. More than that, I love the notion of bedding down for winter — breaking out the heavy sweaters and sitting by a fireplace with a glass of whiskey and a blanket. Doesn’t that sound like the best scenario on planet earth? Snuggling up with a book and a flannel while the weather turns to Wuthering Heights outside your window? I’ll take one cabin in some remote part of the world where it’s snowing and I can hide out until spring, please.

Where is your happy place right now?

EV Bakes: The Best Damn Vegan Pumpkin Pie

the best vegan pumpkin pieI have a confession to make. As of one week ago, I had never attempted to make a pie. Honestly, the thought of baking a pie terrified me. Pies are tricky. There’s too much effort that goes into making the dough, measuring out the filling, and doing something fancy with the crust so that everyone feels like they’re eating real pie, not just a glob of pumpkin thrown on some dough that some sad person is choosing to call pie. Sure, maybe someday I could try my hand at baking a pie. Someday, when I have a full day on my hands and have the self-assuredness of Martha Stewart on a good day. Right? Right?? WRONG.

As it turns out, pies are way easier to assemble than I anticipated. Well, maybe not all pies — but this pie (which has the added benefit of being 100% vegan) was a snap to throw together. Plus, nobody would ever know it’s vegan. I’m serious. I served this to three friends after I made it, and none of them had any idea that it was entirely plant-based. Pretty neat, no?the best vegan pumpkin pieThe recipe calls for just 10 ingredients, including the crust. Sebastian, who is usually skeptical of vegan fare, had two slices per day until there was no more. For real, it’s that good. Try serving this to your friends/family on Thanksgiving without telling them that it’s healthier than usual. You’ll be the hit of the party, I promise.

This recipe, like all good vegan baked-goods recipes, was inspired by The Minimalist Baker, so definitely check them out and send them your love. And do let me know if you end up making this for Thanksgiving ! I’d love to hear stories about how you tricked your mom into ingesting something vegan while receiving endless praise. Seriously, that would make my whole day.

Recipe’s after the jump!
the best vegan pumpkin pie

Giveaway with Clear The Way!

giveaway with clear the way

So this giveaway doesn’t technically go live until tomorrow night at midnight, but I’m so excited about it that I couldn’t wait to share. My lovely friend Kate over at Clear the Way is marking her 4th year in the blogosphere (that’s right — four years. dang.), and to celebrate, a group of us are giving away a one year subscription to the Adobe Photography Plan and CoSchedule. Basically, you’ll get one year of Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as a kick-ass editorial calendar for the tidy price of zero dollars. Pretty sweet, non?

This giveaway will run for two weeks (starting tomorrow), and is open to international readers. Just enter your stats in the rafflecopter, and definitely check out the neat group of participating bloggers!

And, if you win, know that I will be overcome with jealousy and may try to bribe you to get in on that sweet prize. You have been warned.

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