Observed & Reported 03

observed and reported 03

Hey! I’m back! I’ve missed you! For the past two weeks, I’ve been all over the place – in the French (and Dutch!) West Indies, all over the SF Bay Area, and, most recently, in the Napa valley for a quickie overnight trip that turned into the best minication ever….

Let’s Get Green #2 – The Hangover Cure


Phew. March snuck up on me, you guys. For a second, things were going just fine – February was slowly and grayly trudging along, and then, suddenly, March hits and I realize that I’m working against a fast-approaching deadline. And then there was daylight savings. Can someone please tell me why daylight savings still…

EV Bakes: Vegan Sugar Cookies

vegan sugar cookies

There’s something really wonderful about a good, old-fashioned sugar cookie. When I was younger, if we had been particularly well-behaved, my mom would bring sugar cookies for me and my sister when she picked us up from school. It’s the kind of thing that stirs up happy memories – maybe sugar cookies make you think of…

Let’s Get Green

Green Juice Recipe

I remember the moment that my life changed. It was December, Christmas morning, if you want to be specific, and I had just been gifted a beautiful, powerful new blender. Almost immediately after that, I began my first foray into the art of green juice, and guys, I have NEVER looked…