5 Must-Have Apps For Your Blog

5 Must-Have Apps For Your Blog

Running a blog as someone who has another full-time job is not always easy. Over time, I’ve found that the key to being productive and keeping track of everything that’s going on is to be as organized as possible. Blogging isn’t just about blogging, after all – a lot of it is about keeping track of social media, creating nice photos, keeping up with blogs you follow, etc. Fortunately, we live in an era where there is literally an app for everything, and there are several that are particularly well-suited to blogging. So, today I thought I would give you a list of the apps for blogging that I can’t live without.

Asana (Free online and app)

I’ve bounced back and forth between different project management tools, but it wasn’t until I met Asana that I fell in love. First of all, Asana is gorgeous, which makes a huge difference in how often/happy I am to use it.  I’m managing a couple of different projects with various stakeholders, and Asana makes it easy to collaborate and assign tasks at just about every level. Asana is one of the great apps for blogging in particular because it allows me to group various thoughts and tasks into separate buckets that I can action at any time. For example, I keep a running list of site maintenance tasks in one area, and a completely separate list of post ideas and articles to read in another grouping. Every time I enter Asana,  I can look at a high-level view of my to-dos and prioritize accordingly. Bonus: there are secret productivity unicorns included. This might actually be my favorite of all the features.


Scanner Pro ($2.99 on the app store)

If you do any kind of offline work or find yourself scanning things pretty much ever, this app is the best of the best. Seriously. I never thought a scanner app would change my life, but this little tool has come pretty close.  I use it for everything from scanning hand lettering to digitizing tax forms. Save your $100 and spring for this $2 work of wonder – I promise, it’s worth it.

VSCO (Free app with in-app purchases)

Ah VSCO, the blogger’s delight. VSCO is so ubiquitous that I almost didn’t include it here, but since it’s a tool that I use literally every single dayI figured it was worth a mention. Simply put, VSCO is the blog world’s darling, all-time favorite photo editing app. If you’re wondering how all of your favorite Instagrammers create such consistently beautiful photos, the answer is probably VSCO’s wonderful flight of filters and photo manipulation tools. The introductory suite of filters are lovely, and there are extra packs available for purchase (usually around $1-4).

Buffer (Free)

Social media scheduling is nothing new, but this app is the user-friendly. Buffer is the set-it-and-forget-it of social media. Whenever I publish a new post, I schedule a couple of days worth of social media to promote my new content. Buffer lets you see which posts were most engaging to your followers, which is information you can use to inform your next round of posts. Over time, you can gain valuable insights about what your audience is into and which posts are garnering the most attention, all of which is basically currency to bloggers.

Pocket and Feedly (Free)

I’ve tried a couple of different readers over the past few years, but Pocket is definitely my favorite for compiling my favorite links and articles from the previous week. Any time I want to save an article, I just click on Pocket’s handy chrome extension and it automatically grabs the page and deposits it in my feed (which is great for reading during my commute home).

And then there’s Feedly. Feedly is one of the best reader apps for blogging because it’s so easy to use and extremely customizable. You can get the word out there about your posts, stay current with your favorite blogs, and find out what’s trending in your niche all in one beautifully designed reading space. I highly, highly recommend Feedly as an alternative to Google Reader (RIP), if that was your thing.


These are my favorite apps for blogging, but I would love to hear from you what you’re using to keep up with your blogs. There are so many options, and I’m always looking for the next great blogging app, so let me know your feedback in the comments!!


  • http://www.cocorrina.com Corina Nika

    Never heard of Asana, thank you so much for suggesting! scanner pro and vsco are definitely my favourite ones. It’s insane how we can have all our tools in our phones these days? Never would have thought back when we started :)

    • http://exvitae.com/ Amanda Dillon

      I know, right?! It’s AMAZING how much we can automate the process with our PHONES. It still blows my mind. Definitely let me know what you think of Asana — what do you use for project management?! I’d love to know!