Welcome to Ex Vitae, a nice little creative space dedicated to the exuberant enjoyment of a life well-lived. We (Amanda, Elisabeth, and Sebastian!) use this space to share the things that inspire us, our insights, lessons learned, travels, and discoveries as we pursue interesting, creative lives that inspire others to do the same. We began Ex Vitae in 2013 as a place to experiment creatively and share our best practices for life and beyond. We believe in staying curious and are constant learning and figuring things out, and we love to share our inspirations as we discover them. If you love photography, productivity (the bullet journal is our favorite!), design, travel guides, and general inspiration, you’ll feel right at home here.

Here’s a little bit more about us:


Amanda :  Highly caffeinated and frequently traveling, Amanda is a 24 year-old recent college grad currently making it work in San Francisco, California. I started Ex Vitae as a way to teach myself to code back in 2013, and I have loved transforming this blog into a place where I can challenge myself creatively and provide value for our 2000 weekly readers. Sebastian, Elisabeth, and I are working to make this blog a space that inspires you to challenge yourself, try something new, and live an interesting and fulfilling life. I love sharing our progress with you, and I hope you enjoy!

Elisabeth: Los Angelite and Global Citizen, Elisabeth is a 26 year-old Creative working for Amazon Studios. My husband, James, and I currently reside in West Hollywood, California. When I’m not running/working/planning/traveling, I enjoy strong coffee, power yoga, binge-watching TV shows and exploring the myraid neighborhoods of Los Angeles. I hope you enjoy this shared endeavor and find something here that inspires you!