Currently Coveting: Beach Days Ahead

swimsuit / sea salt spray / earrings / blanketsunglasses / bagsandlescandle / tunic

Guess what?? In two short weeks, Team D and I will be headed out for a much-needed vacation in St. Maarten. I can’t tell you how excited I am for my upcoming sojourn in the Caribbean; a week of salt, sun, and sand can only do me a world of good. At this point, I’m so desperately in need of a tan that I practically glow in the dark.

I’m trying to keep my packing list as light as possible, so I’m focusing on pieces that can be re-worn and reused without feeling stale. It doesn’t hurt that the unseasonably warm weather here in SF (it’s going to be 72 this week!) has me daydreaming of the sandals and white linen shirts that make up my summer wardrobe. Last week, I realized that I’m a little light in the swimsuit department, so I’ve been sneakily adding just about every J. Crew bikini on the market to my wishlist. How great is that blue seersucker? And no beach trip is complete without some good Sea Salt Spray – I’ve heard this variety from Herbivore Botanicals is pretty great. All I need now is a good coverup and some A+ shades, and I’m ready to go.

What’s in your dream beach bag? Are you dreaming of summer, too? Let me know in the comments!!