DIY Valentines with Mini Eco

DIY Valentines – with Mini Eco

DIY Valentines from Mini EcoJust stopping by to introduce you guys to one of my favorite paper artists of all time. Kate Lilley of Mini Eco is a master of papercraft, and her DIY valentines are basically perfection. Just look at those colors! The best thing about Kate’s projects is that they’re fairly easy to make. Generally, all you’ll need is a pair of scissors, some A4 paper, and a ruler.

DIY Valentines with Mini EcoIf you’re scrambling to come up with a quick, thoughtful valentine for your significant other or top-secret crush (guilty!), these little crafts are just the ticket. Added bonus: you get the added pleasure of proudly exclaiming I made that! after your SO opens their card! What could be better, no?

DIY Valentines with Mini EcoDIY Valentines with Mini Eco


  1. Boxed Geometric Heart
  2. Popup Pixel Valentines Card
  3. Geometric Heart Popup Card

What are you doing for Valentines day?? I’d love to know your plans!

(All photos and projects are courtesy of Kate Lilley, Mini Eco)

  • alice-jane

    These are so cute! I love the pixelated heart the best but I don’t think mine will turn out that well if I make it. I love the pop up card the best though since it’s the easiest one to make without too much trouble.

    • Amanda

      Aren’t they adorable?? I was just in the process of making the pop-up card…SUPER simple and absolutely perfect.

  • Winny

    Aw this is so lovely! I wish I had more time to create this.. Unfortunately, my undergrad thesis can’t wait to be done

    • Amanda

      I hear you! All I seem to be able to do these days is work on my thesis for all hours of the day. It’s too bad, because I’d MUCH rather spend my time creating these fun little papercraft projects!

  • Sarah

    These are so sweet! Since I’m stuck inside today due to this lovely little snowstorm, I might just make these!

    • Amanda

      I’m snowed in, too! Seems like the perfect time to cozy up with a good book (or my thesis…..) and some tea :)
      Hope you’re staying warm, Sarah!

  • Victoria

    These are so cute !! I am going to try and make them to send to my friends!! They look quite impressive for just paper and I love to try a bit of origami but I didn’t get further than the ‘bowl’ last time !