Ex Vitae Holiday Gift Guide - For The Traveler

Ex Vitae Holiday Gift Guide – What to Give the Traveler

Ex Vitae Holiday Gift Guide - What To Give The Traveler

Following on the coattails of last week’s post by Sebastian, I am proud to present the Ex Vitae holiday gift guides! Every day this week and next, I will be posting a different themed gift guide for just about everyone in your life. I’m notoriously horrible at finding gifts, but I’m really on top of my game this year! Hopefully you’ll find these guides helpful, and if you have a suggestion for a theme you’d like to see featured (ex. what to get your sister, etc.) please let me know.


Today, I’m focusing on what to give the traveler in your life. If you know someone who always seems to be jetsetting, they’ll probably appreciate this collection of goodies.

  1. Crème Pour Les Mains – my hands always seem to get uncomfortably dry on airplanes. Fortunately, companies like Compagnie de Provence exist to provide tiny bottles of hand crème that you can put in your carry-on liquids bag! I found this particular specimen at Madewell, and the lotion smells like sweet fig and vanilla. It’s divine.
  2. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Body Lotion – the little bottles of lotion that hotel rooms give you can be very hit or miss, in my opinion. That’s why I usually carry a small bottle of my usual stuff with me when I travel. Creme de Corps is a cult favorite, and I have yet to find a more perfect lotion for my weird skin. (works on all skin types)
  3. J. Crew Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater – cashmere seems like it would be absolutely divine for wearing during long days of travel. This particular example would probably be extremely comforting throughout flight delays and layovers!
  4. Happy Socks Trouser Socks – don’t these seem like they’re perfect for keeping your toes warm on long plane rides?
  5. Dopp Kits Isola Bag – simple little toiletry bag that gets the job done in style.
  6. Everlane Weekender Bag – my storied favorite. I picked up one of these guys this summer, and I haven’t looked back since. Surprisingly roomy, exceptionally sturdy and squishy enough to fit into any overhead baggage situation. I’m getting at least one of these for someone in my family!
  7. EOS Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray – I’m a bit of a germophobe, and this lovely sanitizer spray is just the thing for (often germy) airports. Small enough to fit in your liquids bag, and the lavender is extremely soothing for those times when you can’t help but be stressed out while traveling.

That about wraps it up! What are you getting for your favorite travelers? Let me know in the comments!!

creme/creme de corps/sweater/socks/toiletry bag/weekender/hand sanitizer

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  • http://www.mamages.com bri

    oh i love that bag. if i ever went on weekend trips i’d definitely get one!

    • Amanda

      it’s fantastic – so, so durable and way more spacious than you might imagine. I was able to pack a weeks worth of clothing into this little thing! :)

  • http://www.luckynumbersevenblog.com/ Danielle

    That sweater and those socks look so cozy! They would definitely make traveling during the cold easier! I’ve eyeing the weekender bag from Everlane. It’s stylish yet has tons of room!

    • Amanda

      I agree! I’m DEFINITELY coveting those socks at the moment…they’re excellent for boot weather, don’t you think? The weekender is one of my all-time favorite bags. It’s literally perfect for almost every trip imaginable – I highly, HIGHLY recommend it :)

      • Amanda

        I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Trina!! I actually made one of these last night, and it was the most PERFECT nightcap imaginable. So, so good :)

  • http://mooi-by-winny.blogspot.com/ Winny

    I want that sanitizer ! I think it’s the most what traveller needs. It’s a little disgusting to touch things we don’t know what already touched them.

    • Amanda

      I fully agree. I’m almost never travel without a bottle of this stuff!

  • http://likesof.us Alecia

    love everything you have here Amanda!

    • Amanda

      thank you so much, Alecia!! your gift guides are fantastic as well :)