Elisabeth's Hot Toddy Recipe

Guest Drink Up Buttercup – Elisabeth’s Hot Toddy Recipe

Elisabeth's Hot Toddy Recipe
Sorry things are a bit quiet here on the blog this week, guys. Finals are ramping up and I’m finding less and less time to sleep, let alone craft posts! In an ideal world, I would be making Elisabeth’s hot toddy recipe tonight…but, given that I’m sick and a little bit situationally challenged (college!), I guess this one’ll have to stay in my dreams. What are you guys drinking this weekend? Let me know!!

It is COLD in Los Angeles. I’m not saying that as a California wimp… it’s actually cold. It was in the high 40’s when I got in my car this morning. When you’re wearing black leggings and a sweater, that temperature is almost intolerable. The parts of the US that get snow regularly are prepared for the cold: thick coats, indoor heating, and warm socks all make snowy weather much more pleasent. Californians are simply not prepared. You’d think we’d learn, right? Instead of buying myself another sweater or a pair of boots i’ll use for all of two weeks out of the year, I shut myself in my apartment, put on some old-time Christmas Carols, and make myself a Hot Toddy while enjoying yet another viewing of Love, Actually.  All of you snow-covered folks… well, this one’s for you :)

My favorite way to unwind at the end of a chilly week is with my favorite Hot Toddy. This drink is warm, comforting, and a perfect end to a night of holiday cheer. I like this Hot Toddy because it’s so, so simple. None of that fancy stuff… just a slash of bourbon in some good, hot tea. Throw some honey and fresh lemon in, and you’ve got a winner.

The key to this Hot Toddy is the simple, delicious ingredients:

Sleepytime Tea. This age-old classic is soothing and warm. I love using SleepyTime tea in my hot toddy because it relaxes me instantly… and makes this drink the perfect nightcap.

One shot of Whisky or Bourbon (I like Knob Creek Bourbon or Jameson Irish Whiskey… both have that light sweetness that blends well with honey)

Raw Honey. I love that this honey is smooth, creamy, and not too gamey. Watching it melt into hot tea is pretty amazing, too.

Hot Toddy Recipe - Ex Vitae

Elisabeth’s Hot Toddy Recipe

1 shot of bourbon/whiskey

1,  3/4 filled mug of fresh-brewed Sleepy Time tea

1/2 lemon + slice for garnish

1 generous teaspoon of raw honey (or more, if you choose)

In your favorite mug or toddy glass, squeeze 1/2 lemon and put a teaspoon full of raw honey in the bottom of the glass. Add bourbon/whiskey. Leave the spoon in, and pour the hot tea onto the lemon/bourbon/honey mixture. Stir, taste for sweetness. Add lemon slice for garnish and enjoy!

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  • http://kylaisinspired.com Kyla

    OK, this recipe is amazing. I am currently drinking sleepytime tea with honey & lemon…just imagining with a shot of whiskey makes me smile! What a great warm drink. I’m in the part of the US that prepares for the cold but I’m telling you, I never am!

    • Amanda

      thanks so much, Kyla! I’m with you – I’ve been on the east coast for 4 years now, and am NEVER prepared for the chill :)

  • http://www.oftreesandhues.com Latrina (oftreesandhues)

    Yes! I was hoping you’d share a Hot Toddy recipe with us. It’s my favorite drink, especially during this time of the year. So good and like you said… relaxing! I have never tried Sleepytime tea before, but now I will have to get me some. :) Thanks, dear! I just love your drinks. <3

    • http://www.oftreesandhues.com Latrina (oftreesandhues)

      And thank you Elisabeth!! xo

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