How To Make Perfect Pour-Over Coffee

How To Make Perfect Pour-Over Coffee

There are few things in life that I love more than coffee. In fact, there’s almost nothing I like better than settling into my first daily cup of coffee – it’s become almost ritualistic at this point. Until recently, I had never attempted to brew my own – after all, why mess up a perfectly good thing if it’s so easy to find elsewhere? A friend of mine (after much cajoling) finally convinced me to invest in a sturdy 3-cup Chemex coffee maker, and let me tell you, my life has never been the same. Since then, I’ve become obsessed with how to make the perfect pour-over coffee, and today, I’m going to share the wisdom.

How To Make Perfect Pour-Over CoffeeThere are a ton of benefits to making your own coffee – for one thing,  it’s far cheaper than the alternative, and I’ve found over time that the quality of the coffee I make at home is even slightly better than the coffee I used to buy at my local coffee shop. Pour-over coffee has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and I can see why – each cup is stronger and more flavorful than anything I’ve had before. I can actually pick out tasting notes like honey and dark fruits, which is a definite first.  I like my coffee strong, black, and occasionally with a splash of milk – these instructions will teach you the basics on how to make the perfect cup of pour-over coffee, every time. Nothing fancy, just the best black coffee you’ve ever had, promise.

How To Make Perfect Pour-Over CoffeeHow To Make Perfect Pour-Over Coffee

How To Make Perfect Pour-Over Coffee


  1. Chemex 3-Cup Coffee Maker
  2. Chemex Bonded Filters
  3. Fino Pour-Over Coffee Kettle


  1. 3 Tbs ground coffee
  2. 3 cups boiling water


  • Begin by heating water in your pour-over coffee kettle. While the water is heating, prepare your filter by placing into your Chemex and running 1-2 Tbs of warm water through. This warms up the glass and helps keep the filter together.
  • Empty the warm water from the glass and replace the filter. Add your coffee grounds and spread evenly throughout the cone of the filter.
  • When the water boils, remove it from heat to stop the water from roiling. Then, in a circular motion, pour a small amount of hot water over the grounds (2-3 Tbs) and let sit for 30 seconds. This is called ‘blooming’ and brings out the most desirable flavors in the coffee.
  • Slowly pour the rest of the water over the grounds, ensuring that the water level doesn’t rise past 1/4″ from the top of the glass. When the coffee level is about 1″ away from the wood handle, use your kettle to wash down the sides of the filter in a circular pattern (similar to blooming pattern)- this incorporates all of the grounds into the coffee and adds robustness.
  • Remove and dispose of the grounds and filter.
  • Enjoy!

Have you ever tried pour-over coffee? What’s your favorite way to brew at home? Let me know in the comments!!