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Ex Vitae Holiday Gift Guide – Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas - Ex VitaeHELLO!! Remember me? I’m back, after a wild two weeks of exams, papers, and once semi-unplanned trip to Montréal (more on that later). I’ve missed you guys! And I’ve missed posting here. Not to worry – now that the semester is over, I’ll be around full-time from here on out. Which is a huge relief!

Today I’m giving you a few last minute gift ideas, just in case anyone out there hasn’t finished their holiday shopping. If you’re looking for something quick to get your sister, coworker, starbucks barista or random acquaintance (why not?), I’ve got you covered. Be warned: these gifts probably won’t get to you by Christmas day (bummer). However: any of these would make a great New Year’s gift, because New Years totally still counts as part of the gifting season. Right?? Right.


  1. Jacks ($7) – a definite throwback for the nostalgia junkie in your life. I’d love to receive a box of these in my stocking! (just a question: does anyone out there actually know how to play jacks??)
  2. Radio Dock for iPhone ($40) – I saw this and almost bought it for myself. The concept is super cool: a radio dock that charges your phone while bringing a little old-school radio cool do your nightstand.
  3. Frankie Pumps ($158) – okay, so this one’s a bit of a splurge, but come on. These pumps are dynamite. Appropriate for your classy sister / girlfriend / female coworker / boss, if you know their shoe size. If only I could wear heels without embarrassing myself…
  4. Plum & Gold Prism Necklace ($25) – these concrete necklaces are understated and gorgeous. The lovely Corrina makes these for her Etsy shop, and I’ve been coveting them forever. She’ll even make you a custom design if you’d like one!
  5. Checked Coat ($160 on sale) – this coat is on sale at Zara, so go quickly if you’d like to acquire one. The plaid is a classic.
  6. Tim Burton’s Playing Cards ($5) – these guys play right into my Tim Burton geekdom. Featuring art drawn by the man himself, these 52 playing cards would be excellent stocking stuffers for any fan of TB’s.
  7. Geometric Vase ($18) – sleek, striking and easy to assemble. They also come in a variety of nice neutrals!
  8. SOMA Water Filter ($50) – SO much prettier than your usual Brita filter. This system features a glass carafe and a 100% compostable filter.
  9. Dog Alphabet Print ($20) – a no-brainer for any artsy dog lovers. You can also get individual prints of specific letters – D for Dachshund, for example! I may be getting one of these for my apartment…

I’d LOVE to hear what you’re getting the important people in your life! Any last minute shoppers? Let me know in the comments :)

  • Angel Y.

    I can’t say I would complain about any New Year’s Gifts :p Love this list you put together!

    • Amanda

      I’m with you on that! I don’t know why more people don’t give them…seems appropriate, right? Thanks so much :)

  • Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

    Oh, Congrats on finishing up the semester!! I totally remember (and do not miss) those crazy stressful days!! But it’s over so be sure to enjoy your break! :) Love this last minute gift guide! It’s okay, there are many procrastinators out there (like me) who enjoy giving New Years gifts instead of Christmas gifts ;) lol!

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much, Jessica!! I’m so glad to have exams behind me. I think New Years gifts may become my new tradition (given my terrible procrastination). :P

  • Celestine

    That’s a water filter system?! It looks like my Chemex that I use to for coffee. Very cool concept!

    • Amanda

      Isn’t it pretty? So much more design-friendly than my usual brita jug!! Happy holidays, Celestine :)