Lazy Monday Uniform - Ex Vitae

Uniform: Lazy Monday

Lazy Monday Uniform - Ex Vitaesweater | leggings | shoes | sack

I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to go back to work after my Thanksgiving vacation. Waking up this morning was a struggle and a half. It didn’t help that the temperature outside was in the 20’s and the sky was a morose shade of grey. I’m going super casual and comfy today, especially after all the food I consumed last week. Not to mention the fact that I haven’t seen the gym in weeks! A comfy cable-knit sweater has proven to be very forgiving on this lazy Monday. Not to mention the cozy layer of warmth for protection against the cold!

These stretchy Zara leggings are ideal for the post-Thanksgiving drudgery. I’ve never really been a fan of leather (faux, in this case) pants, but these are fabulous. And doesn’t the sack remind you of those paper bag lunches you used to enjoy in elementary school? That soft leather looks so appealing right now.

What are you wearing post-Thanksgiving?

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  • Angel Y.

    Ugh Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were maxi dress days for sure. Today I’m back into jeans and a flannel shirt but the weekend was a great reminder to work out after the turkey day pooch.

    • Amanda

      I hear you! I’ve been rocking the stretchy leggings look for days now…I think it’s time to migrate back to regular winter clothing :P

  • bri

    this is pretty much exactly what i’m wearing right now. leather leggings, white chucks and a big cozy sweater. great minds think alike ;)

    • Amanda

      hah isn’t it the best?? this has been my uniform ALL weekend – maybe tomorrow it’s time to switch things up a bit :)

  • Tara Victoria

    although it wasn’t thanskgiving this weekend over here, i DID NOT want to get outta bed this morning due to temperatures of -26 and a blizzard haha i definitely feel your lazy monday mornings!

    • Amanda

      oh MAN. that’s so rough – I’m so sorry!! I refuse to leave my house when the temperature drops below -10. Hope you’re braving the cold alright!!

  • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

    Oh, I’ve had my eye on those Zara leggings for awhile – they’d be perfect with just about anything and everything I have!

    • Amanda

      they’re SO comfy!! highly recommended, for sure.

  • Kyla

    No, I was definitely not ready to go back to work yesterday, and I’m still not ready today! I wish I could lounge in that outfit, the sweater looks so cozy.

    • Amanda

      I’m definitely with you on that. These past two days have been a drag! I’m all about super chunky/cozy sweaters right now. Winter is DEFINITELY coming!

  • Miki

    I was not a big fun of leather either till i purchased a leather skirt the other day! that leggings look amazing – I might go zara this weekend and see if i can get ones for myself! :D

    • Amanda

      they’re fantastic — wearing them now! where did you get your skirt??