moodboard monday

Moodboard Monday: Breathe In.

Guys, I’m exhausted. I feel like I’ve run myself ragged recently — the move-in really drained me, and since then, Sebastian and I have gone out non-stop to see as many people as we can before everyone scatters once again. It’s a charmed life, for sure. But I definitely think this next week calls for some good old-fashioned R&R. We need some time to decompress after weathering some wonderful mayhem.

In life, everything is about balance. The most effective way to manage the ins and outs of regular, stressful, everyday life is to allow yourself a little bit of give and take: extend yourself in one area, give back to yourself in another. Occasionally, I experience moments when I feel too stretched out in every direction, and my creativity and productivity suffer because I’m trying to juggle too many balls with one hand. When this happens, I try to re-center myself by remembering the reasons why I do the things that I do – why I blog, why I code, why I work. I find that focusing on the motivations behind my commitments helps me regain sight of why they’re so important to me in the first place, you know? So, this next week, I’m going to be clearing my head, taking a moment to sit quietly and refocus, and set my sight back on the task at hand.Be still, quiet the mind, and breathe in. 

My lovely blogger friend Trina inspired me to create this moodboard to aid in that process – the blues and greens are incredibly calming, don’t you think? Moodboard creation, by the way, is extremely cathartic, and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s trying to sort out all the noise in their brain. Sometimes, just taking a second to speak your peace can give you some appreciated if unexpected clarity.

So that’s where I am this week. What’s driving you on this Monday morning?

  • Latrina

    Oh! This is beautiful, Amanda. So calming and I’m loving the blues!

    You said it so beautifully too — we often need to remind ourselves to just sit and be still for awhile. I hope your R&R time does you some good. I know it will though! :)

    P.s: so stoked that you joined me in this!! :)

    • Amanda

      I’m so thrilled that you like it! Creating this moodboard definitely helped me sort out the static in my head, and I’m feeling SO much calmer for having done so.

      I’m actually thinking of joining you with posts like this ~every month or so! It’s still in the works, but I was so inspired by your posts that I HAD to add my take in the mix :) :)

      • Latrina | Of Trees & Hues

        I love it! I would be thrilled to have you join me in this. :) And I’m so happy to hear that it was so therapeutic for you! It’s silly how something quite easy ( however, fun! ) can really help not only clear your head, but learn and discover new things about you. I love it!

  • Jessica (Coco & Mingo)

    Oh darling, I am also all too familiar with the juggling/balancing of life and work! Still trying to get the hang of it, but what has really made the difference is realizing that I don’t have to unnecessarily stress out about it! If I don’t have a post for the week – who cares? I will work on something for the next week. If I want to not do work for the night, I wont! lol! Basically, I do what makes me happy and it’s made the difference from being stressed and overly worked to being cool and collected :) Of course, there are deadlines to be met, but that is when the real test is :) Wishing you the best, and remember, it’s okay to take a break! We’re all here for you when you get back nice and refreshed :) This moodboard is so calming, i love it!

    • Amanda

      You’re so right. I definitely fall prey to allowing needless stress clout my vision, while forgetting that everything (usually) works out in the end. Taking breaks has never been a particularly strong suit of mine, but I’m DEFINITELY trying to get better at it!! Thank you so much for your sweet words, Jessica — they made my day :)

  • Jamy

    I have to say I’m with you. Exhausted to the point of “almost” no return. I love the moodboard. My friend was wearing the deep blue nail color while on our trip to Seattle over the weekend and it was downright gorgeous. That and being next to the ocean was so calming.

    Since we are moving next week, I’m taking this week as it comes as well. Slow, easy and light. xo.

    • Amanda

      I’m DYING to find a nail color similar to this… so far, no luck, but I’ll definitely keep looking! CONGRATS on your move! We just moved last week, and I definitely sympathize with the stress you’re feeling right now. Remember to breathe, slow your mind, and take it one step at a time. Best of luck, love :)

  • Kate

    I love that nail color!

    • Amanda

      me too! desperate to find something like it.