observed and reported 03

Observed & Reported 03

Hey! I’m back! I’ve missed you! For the past two weeks, I’ve been all over the place – in the French (and Dutch!) West Indies, all over the SF Bay Area, and, most recently, in the Napa valley for a quickie overnight trip that turned into the best minication ever. Here’s a little breakdown of what I’ve been up to recently:

Un. True life, I used to be so self-conscious that the very thought of sporting a bikini in public made my skin crawl. One piece or bust, right? Recently, I’ve made huge strides in learning to love my body in its own, imperfect right (see that bruise on my thigh? yeeeaaahhhh). And what better place to show off than in St. Martin, FWI? That, plus the fact that oxblood makes everything look better/tanner. Here’s to confidence and loving yourself, regardless of whether you look like the girl in the swimsuit ad.

Deux. Spring! Hello! There you are! The flowering trees + the glorious weather can mean only one thing: primavera is upon us (at least in Northern California, but hey, winter can’t last forever, New England!). I don’t know about you, but I find it impossible to stay inside when there are flowers like this right outside my door.

Trois. Remember when I said I was resolving to be more spontaneous? Well, this weekend we got the last-minute chance to spend a night in Healdsburg, and it was fantastic. Seriously – one minute, we’re eating breakfast without any plans for the day, and the next, we’re on the road to the Napa Valley for a totally unplanned and seriously epic minication. It was the best. This photo was taken at my favorite 50’s-era roadside diner, Taylor’s Refresher (known now as Gott’s Roadside). If you’re headed to Napa, this place is a must-see. Best burgers in NorCal, and the location is ideal.

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P.S. – Check out this awesome interview that I gave to Yes and Yes last year about being the captain of the men’s crew team! Woohoo!

  • http://thesafaricollective.com/ Sarah Wheeler

    You are adorable! I need me some beach, but I’ll take spring flowers right about now too. I love when New England becomes all cotton candy-like. Praying those days are soon!

    • http://exvitae.com/ Amanda Dillon

      aww thanks, love! I totally hear you – I’m trying to soak up as much of the sun as possible before San Francisco becomes frigid again in the summer :P

  • http://cleartheway.net/ Kate Amunrud

    I’ve got quite a collection of bruises myself… You look great!