Ode to November

Moodboard Monday: Ode to November

I never used to like November. After the colored leaves and delicious fun of October, November always felt like the awkward cousin sandwiched between two much cooler months. Not to mention that, until very recently, Thanksgiving was my least favorite of the major fall/winter holidays (not a huge fan of turkey, myself).

Lately, though, I’ve come to appreciate the cold, grey anticipation heralded by November. There’s something beautiful about the smell of decaying leaves, the increasingly shorter nights, and the rain that anticipates snow. As the year dies away, it’s easy to long for the sun-soaked summer days that increasingly seem like a fleeting, happy memory. But there’s something magical and melancholy about November’s dark days, heightened by the season of light that’s just around the corner. Not warm, but not yet cold enough to snow. November exists somewhere in the weird in-between.

The past few months have been hard on the D-D household. The stress has been high; the reward has been brief. Hopes have risen and fallen, and it sometimes seems as though we’ve been put through one long test after the other. From time to time, we didn’t emerge victorious.

Which is probably part of the reason November seems so seductive to me right now. There is definite beauty in decay – everything has to be broken down in order to renew itself come spring. Shedding the superfluity is sometimes what’s required to survive the winter, and that’s been hard to accept. But no matter what, though, we have to keep plugging and know that something better is always around the corner.

So here’s to November, the under-appreciated month. Rather than plunge head-first into the darkness, let’s look for the light at the end of the road. It’s there, I promise. The winter can only last so long.

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  • http://www.bucketsandspadesblog.com Matthew Pike

    November is the true inbetween month. Some top images here, love that one of the misty trees.

    • Amanda

      Definitely. Isn’t it great? There’s something very mysterious about trees in the fog :)