A Summer with E

Hello All!

I hope everyone is starting to enjoy some of the sunshine as we near the mid-summer, fourth of July mark. Crazy how fast things are moving along this year! Good old LA has been hot and sunny, which bodes well for a gloom-free June, but oh boy… we’re looking at a very hot summer. I don’t know about you, but I’m already making my heat-contingency getaway plans by putting together a few weekends in July and August with Fiance J and my girlfriends. I’m actually headed up to the Pacific Northwest this weekend for the first time to visit the old high school gang. Stay tuned for summer trip recaps!

Two years ago, I travelled¬†around the world for my post-grad adventure. Amanda and Sebastian embarking on their own trip, beginning last week and extending through the summer! S&A will focus exclusively on Europe, taking on the best-of-the-best sites. They’ll hit everywhere from Istanbul to Bruges, with some Italian countryside sprinkled in between. Needless to say, I’m highly jealous and constantly reminiscing about my own world tour.

As A begins her eight week adventure, I’m beginning one with all of you. I’ll be posting exclusively for the next couple months, with updates from Amanda on her trip whenever she has time time to sit at a computer and type them out. I’ll be doing posts over the next few weeks about each part of my 100-day trip, plus a final India post!

Pt 1- Southeast Asia

Pt 2- Israel & Jordan

Pt 3- Western Europe with Friends

Pt 4- Western Europe with Team Dillon

This summer, I’ll focus on getting some great summer recipes up (Connie’s Blueberry Cobbler, Garlicky Grilled Shrimp, and My Favorite Guac are a just a few on my list) I still have to fill you in on my Engagement (woohoo!) and wedding plans as of late, and my exciting adventure plans for the next year. Things have been so joyous and eventful around the Team Dillon headquarters!

Guys, we’ve got some fun months ahead. Taking requests for anything you’re dying to cook/see/hear/eat!

xoxo E