the calm before the storm

The Calm Before The Storm

Phew. This is a big day for me, you guys. Today, I start my first grown-up job and set sail with my career, a path that will likely (hopefully) continue for the next 40-odd years of my life. I feel like my life has been building up to this moment since I moved to San Francisco almost a month ago, and I’ve definitely been in a state of limbo since then. It’s been lovely getting to know this odd and wonderful city of mine, but today is the day for bigger things. There’s a lot of gravity. I’m feeling kind of queasy. Somebody, quick, tell me everything’s gonna be okay.

There’s always a measure of bittersweetness when you turn a new page. I felt it a few weeks ago when my friends went back to college and I did not. I felt it a few days ago, when I (finally) unpacked the few books I kept from school and realized that I would probably never need to use them ever again. And I’m definitely feeling it now, as I bridge the transition from student to employee. It’s kind of a scary concept, but at the same time I’ve never been more excited for anything in my life. I’ve enjoyed my period of rest, but now I’m 100% recharged and ready to start living. I think Mindy Kalig said it best when urged us all to ask “why the f*ck NOT me?” (censored for varying sensibilities, you know how these things go). Why not indeed.

So here’s to closing the book and feeling the full brunt of the storm. I think I can…I think I can…I’m ready, I am. Here’s to new beginnings, to new friends, to a new job and a new life. Let’s do it.

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  • Kevin | Thou Swell

    Congratulations on this new chapter in your life – I’m sure you’re going to rock it!

    • Amanda

      ahhh thank you, Kevin!!

  • Jade

    I think there are a fair few bloggers going through huge life changes at the moment and I think it’s great that we’ve all got each other’s backs in our new endevours! Best of luck to you, lovely lady and I can’t wait to see how your lovely new life plays out on the blog! xx

    • Amanda

      thanks a million, lady! I DEFINITELY needed this encouragement today :)

  • Kate

    So excited for you! Let’s get serious about meeting up. We can share our fave restaurants on Castro or meet up at Google for a double date. =]

    • Amanda

      for real. come hang out with me on the quad! I’ll be in training from now until the end of time, but my lunches//dinners are usually free :)

  • Sarah

    Seeing as how I’m reading this a good week & 2 days after posting (hello crazy life), I really, really hope your first day (week) went well! xx

  • eavan elizabeth

    Great moodboard! red finger-nailed hands floating in a bath of milk? Yes yes yes.

    • Amanda

      so perfect, right?! I just love that photo :)