what to get your mom for christmas

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Mother

Is it just me, or are parents the most difficult people on the planet to shop for? Every year, I ask my mom what she’d like for Christmas, and every year, without fail, she’ll reply something to the effect of “world peace” or “to be surrounded by my children” or some other infuriatingly vague thing that does exactly nothing for my shopping list. I have never been able to easily find a gift for my mother, which is 100% my own fault because for me, the stakes are implicitly set very high. This is the person who gave me life, and it feels just a little bit stale to say “hey mom, thanks for bringing me into the world, here’s a new set of steak knives.” You know?

My mom is all over the place, and not in the bad way. My mom is always on the move, juggling me, her mother, my sister, my sister’s upcoming wedding, her commitments, and the endless list of tasks that she has to complete before she moves onto the next place and the next problem. My mom is a well-oiled machine, but her way of life often means that she has little or no time to actually take some time and just relax. So, fittingly, this gift guide is geared toward relaxation and actually taking a moment for yourself, for once. A nice candle, some fancy pink bath salts, and, of course, some wine – doesn’t that just sound like the trappings of the best rainy day ever? And this doesn’t just apply to my mom – I’ve become increasingly convinced that all moms, everywhere, have too much to do and not enough time in which to do it, no exceptions. 

What are you getting your mom this Christmas?! Let me know in the comments — I’m ALWAYS up for suggestions/genius ideas!

candle / rodin olio lusso / planner / bath salts / vase / cookbook / carafe / blanket

  • http://cocoandmingo.com Jessica (Coco & Mingo)

    Aw man, parents are the hardest to get gifts for!! I usually always just hand make something, because it’s the only things they really like from me. lol! Everything else, they can just buy themselves… But great list! I’ve been wanting that wine carafe for awhile now!

    • Amanda

      that’s SUCH a good idea – handmade gifts are always the most special/thoughtful. happy holidays, my dear!