what to get your sister for christmas

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Sister

Sorry to be so late on the pickup today, but I’ve been going crazy trying to gather up the pieces after a fantastic (if not very restful) Thanksgiving break. I hope you had a great one, too! I’m not big on the whole Black Friday thing, but I have to admit that I’ve been curiously inspired to get a leg up on my gifting this year.  Perhaps it’s the final milestone in my graduation into adult life, but I’m actually sort of excited to pick out some cool presents for the special people in my life. Or maybe it’s the infectious enthusiasm of my holidays-obsessed significant other that’s given me an unusual bout of holiday cheer. Either way, the giving season is upon us, and I intend to be well-prepared.

The above gifting guide is full of suggestions about what to get your sister for Christmas (or whatever other holiday you might celebrate!). The happy news is that most of these picks are beautiful and inexpensive! Win-win, right? I’ve had my eye on the cat eye mask for a while, and I’m considering securing one of those candles for my apartment. I’m serious — it’s the best smelling candle in all the land. And while I already own around seven of the lace bras, I wouldn’t say no to just one more :P

Happy gifting! What’s on your wishlist this holiday season?

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